Please Consider Joining Us

We would like you to consider joining our team. Listed below are some bullet points highlighting the benefits available to our Southern Realty Company agents. The information below the bullet points is also very important because it lays out who we are and what we are trying to build, so please take time to read through it as well.

Realtor Benefits

To be successful, we will enable you through a dedication to marketing and promotions, and empower you through continuing education credits and broker support. We will offer the following benefits*:

1.       A continuing education credit that you can use to take classes;

2.       A marketing budget that you can use to market yourself as an agent;

3.       Full-time Broker support - available to you 24 – 7;

4.       Office space available to qualifying agents;

5.       The power and ability to complete your own contracts;

6.       Leads on Residential Property:

a.       Floor Duty is voluntary, and floor duty agents get inquiries that are received during their floor duty shift;

b.      Inquiries not fielded by floor duty agents go to the listing agent on Southern Realty's listings;

c.       Inquiries not fielded by floor duty agents on other realty company's listings go to a rotation of agents;

7.       Plenty of signs, agent name riders, and marketing materials;

8.       Plenty of promotional materials;

9.       Voluntary floor duty times;

10.   Online GAR contracts;

11.   Negotiable commission structures;

12.   Access to a company SUV (with third row seating) if you need extra room to show property to prospects, or need to show some off-road property;

13.   If you have a farm or target area, then we can target it with a post card campaign and a customized mailing list.

*Final terms and conditions of all independent contractor agreements are subject to negotiation.

Not a Job, a CALLING!

Being a Realtor is more than a job—it's a calling. The right to own real estate is one of the most precious rights we have.  Our profession as Realtors actually encourages people to own real estate. It is a great service to our fellow man, and benefits our society as a whole. To be able to live up to our calling we are committed to increasing the knowledge, effectiveness and professionalism of those in our company.

If you also believe in what you do as a Realtor, and are committed to excellence in that calling, we would like to discuss forming a partnership with you.  Like any successful partnership, both sides will be contributing to reach a common goal. Our partnership would work toward providing excellent real estate brokerage services to our clients. The financial reward, though nothing insignificant, will come as a result of our service and dedication.

Any partnership that is enduring must provide rewards for its partners. In our case, you will be bringing to the table any company's most valuable asset – your experience, time and talent. In return, we will provide a compensation package that will be a basis of motivation. Additionally, we will work to equip you to succeed by providing you the materials, support, marketing, and skills necessary to successfully compete.

We understand and value loyalty. Because of that, we understand that quality agents will be reluctant to discuss making a change.  Frankly, we would not be interested in Realtors who moved frequently from agency to agency, blown about by the winds of recruiting campaigns. We want to build Southern Realty with a stable agent sales force, and provide all the things that a good agent expects and wants out of their company. We pledge that any conversations or "feelers" that you extend will be held in the highest confidence. We also pledge to be available wherever and whenever to have a frank and earnest discussion with you about what we can offer and how the partnership can be beneficial.

If you have any interest in exploring a partnership, please call.  We vow not to aggressively and openly work to recruit you. We believe that what we offer is superior to other realty companies, and think that you will agree. We are available to discuss the opportunities with you at your convenience.


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